Co-Directors & Talentdevelopers

Magnus Axelsen & Jonas Robstad

Co-directing is not just an extra pair of hands to share the burden with, but an extra pair of eyes to share the vision with. All films are, on one level or another, a collaboration. A collaboration between actors, the technical department and the production. The glue that holds these departments together is the vision. A vision that one and all must be able to understand and be passionate about bringing to life. 


Co-Directing Method

By Jonas Robstad & Magnus Axelsen

The most important thing for us is that we agree on what needs to happen and how it needs to be executed. One of the advantages of us being two, namely is that we can split up, which we only do when necessary. If we get into a situation where we are under pressure and we have to split up, we make sure to brief each other before and after. In addition, we make sure to always have a direct line to each other when it happens. If it’s during production itself, we make sure we each have a walkie-talkie, so we can always talk to each other. We wish we could say that one is more artistic and the other is more technical, but the truth is that we are both equally passionate about either. Therefore, we can also do both. 

How does it work?

When we’re on set, we’ll mostly be at the monitor together so we’ll be able to discuss immediately after there’s called “CUT”. If possible, we’ll also take great care to talk to each department, and if we have to, we’ll split up here, so we can make it to each one. A big plus of being two is the huge trust in quickly testing ideas with each other. This means we know each others voice so if one of us is not able to correctly formulate their thoughts, the other can often finish the others ideas. 

What if there’s a conflict?

If we happen to have a conflict, we have have ways to handle them – as anyone would have. The most important thing to know about our conflict management is we have trusted third parties we consult with, who we also include when we’re on set. If we’re in a situation, where we’re in disagreement and one of our third parties are not available, we have an agreement of which one of us makes the final call – but we’re the only ones that knows who. 

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