FEAR WON’T MAKE YOU FLOAT is an absurd comedy/drama that intimately portrays a young woman’s daily fight with anxiety in an environment that may seem safe to the ordinary viewer, but unsafe for her.

The film centers on Karla who, in an attempt to quell her water-anxiety, gets a job in the local swimming pool with its few, but quirky employees. Her day to day life may seem calm on the outside, but underneath her trauma is slowly surfacing.
The lifeguards do what they can to keep Karla afloat, but she has to realize that she must swim, before she can float. As Karla learns this, it becomes apparent that it isn’t about quelling the anxiety, but about learning to live with it.
Sara Klein as KARLA
The swimming pool
FEAR WON’T MAKE YOU FLOAT portrays my perception of anxiety. One I have formed based on accounts from people who live with it. In the film we experience Karla's anxiety - her reality. During the creation of the film I was unstable and doubtful of my own existence. This went hand in hand with the exploration of the disorder "anxiety" and whether I had it myself. I didn’t share these fears at first, but they became my basis of creation - to share them. Therefore, it is important that part of Karla's journey is about asking for help, reaching out for it, and insisting on it. I can't do it, but I greatly appreciate those who do. Like Karla. I want to be as exceptional as her.


by Theodor Engen

Sara Klein as KARLA
Sara Klein as KARLA


Sara Klein portrays the main character KARLA, who takes a job at the local swimming pool, under the pretense of learning how to swim, but in reality she is trying to quell her anxiety for water.

Mads Nørby plays PEDER, the good hearted manager of the pool, who unfortunately is a bit too busy keeping the guests in line, but never leaves anyone behind.

SIMONE is portrayed by Katrine Juliane Krone and is Peders go-to lifeguard and right hand. Even though she's initially against Karlas hiring, she realizes that Karla getting the job is about something completely else.
Sara Klein as KARLA
Mads Nørby as PEDER
Katrine Krone as SIMONE
FEAR WON'T MAKE YOU FLOAT was Theodor Engen and Maria Robstad's graduation film from the Danish Funen Film School; 18Frames.

The film is now ready for it's distribution which is handled in close collaboration with Robstad Productions and upcoming talent Anton Juhl.

If you are interested in acquiring the film, or hearing more about it, you can reach out to the team through the teams contact info.


Anton Juhl


Director, Theodor Engen, has selected scenes from the film to showcase it's absurdity, humor, and main character "KARLA"s ever growing battle with anxiety.